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Our staff members have been here an average of over 16 years!  All have had extensive additional training, both individually and as a group.



Patient Testimonials

We are proud of the office we have created here over these last 30+ years.  And we are especially touched by many of the comments our patients have blessed us with over the years.  


We wish you the very best, Sue!

Forty years ago this coming July, a young woman, married with one small child, came for an interview at our office. She told us later that when she got home and her husband asked how it went, she told him, “I think I’m older than they are!” We had opened our practice only two months earlier. Sue Short got the job and has been with us ever since!

Starting as a dental assistant, for the last few decades her main area of responsibility has been introducing new patients to the practice and helping them to navigate the finances and insurance. She is impeccable in all she does and has always gone to great lengths to get as much information as she could and make sure it is accurate; she wants to be certain that our patients get the right information and also to help them find a way to make the care that they need and want affordable and manageable. She has been a patient advocate par excellence!

She has been a dear friend to all of us here. She is a role model in terms of how to raise an incredible family which now includes her husband Ken, her two married children and her wonderful grandchildren. They are simply all great people and we have been blessed beyond words to have them as part of our world.

So all that said, Sue has selfishly decided that lowering her golf handicap is more pressing than continuing on here. Not really! After almost 40 years here, with Ken retired, grandchildren waiting to be coddled and yes, a golf handicap that can always be better - Sue finally decided it was time. It will be hard to imagine this place without her but with Sue and her family being patients, I imagine we will be in touch for years to come. Sue, there are no words to adequately thank you for your friendship, love, impeccability and the shining example you always set for all of us. We wish you the very best in your well-earned retirement.


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